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How to Renew Your Membership Online

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Membership Renewal On-Line


One benefit of the RVW Website is the ability to renew membership easily, providing convenience to the members and a cost and time savings for RVW staff—no more expensive mailings or hours of posting and follow-up. Members can easily update contact information and renew their membership with a few quick clicks of their mouse! And you won’t have to keep track of your renewal date – the website d­­­­­­­oes it for you.

Approximately 30 days before your membership expires, you will receive an email notice. If you don’t react right away, you will receive another notice shortly before the membership expires. If we still haven’t heard from you, you will get another notice after your membership expires, but don’t test us on this—renew your membership when you receive the first notice!

Caution: If you don’t have an email or if the email address included in your profile isn’t correct, you may not receive a notice.

Here are a few tips to make renewing your membership a breeze:

Sign in to the website at www.rvingwomen.com and go to your Manage Profile page.
Click on Edit Bio and make sure your information is correct.

See those little locks or faces on the left side of each box? These icons allow you to disclose or hide your information from other members. If you allow your city and state to be displayed, it makes it easier for other chapter members to know where you are located and it allows members to search for others who live in their area or are in an area they are planning to visit.

When you finish making changes, click on Save Changes or Cancel if you make no changes.

Now, from the Manage Profile page,
click on Membership Info
Choose Securely Renew Your Membership Now

Here you will see your options to renew based upon your current membership status.

You can add a Guest Rider (or a waiver of the guest policy if you have special circumstances for inviting a guest to accompany you to RVW rallies).

For information about a Guest Rider,
go to the Documents section,
Policies and Chapter Resource

You will find the Guest Rider Policy under General Policies.

When you have made your renewal selections, click on Submit Securely—and you are done!

You can print out a copy of the invoice. You can also receive an email confirming your purchase from the Membership Info page. If you would like a copy of your new membership card, go to Membership Info and choose Print My Membership Card.

For Household Members, the first member must renew the household membership. The second member should sign in and update her bio as described above. She may also acquire a membership card of her own after the renewal has been processed.

Here is how to renew by mail:

Follow the instructions above for updating your profile page.

Click on Join/Renew from the main drop-downs at the top of page. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
Click on Click Here to Print Renewal Form.

Note:  Do not select the Registration Form in the section Membership Form. This form is for new members only.

Final comments:

Renewal time is a good time to consider sending a donation to RVW through either a regular contribution or through The Open Road Program. Learn more about donations in the General Policies section described above or read about the Open Road Program in the most recent RVW Magazine.

September 24, 2012



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