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Helping Others

That’s what the RVing Women community is all about.


In a Facebook post, Rosalie Jensen said she was glad Cookie, shown driving, helped them out. “I had to teach her how to not talk with her hands while driving!” Rosalie said.

So many times, when members of RVW put out the word that they need help, the response from our community of women is immediate.

That’s what happened in May when Texas Ramblin’ Roses member Cookie Davenport heard that fellow Rose, Joanne Babin and her traveling companion Rosalie Jensen, needed help getting back home to Idaho. Joanne had a medical issue with her back and needed to get home for surgery, but driving all that way was going to be impossible for her. That’s when Cookie volunteered to help drive them home.

“I could not imagine them having a stranger off the internet drive them, so I volunteered,” Cookie explained. “I had never traveled that area of the country and I always wanted to. Here was a perfect opportunity!”

She said the trip was “an adventure of a lifetime.” Although she said she had never driven a motorhome before, she was unafraid and learned quickly.

“The entire trip was a lesson in the lifestyle of full-time RVing and being on the road to somewhere nearly every day. It seemed like it took FOREVER to get out of Texas, then New Mexico was shrouded in fog as we cut across to Colorado. By the time we got to Trinidad, Colorado, we were pretty tired, so we took a break and spent two nights at the state park just outside of town. It was my first opportunity to sit and just enjoy the scenery – the lake and the mountains! The weather finally turned cool, so morning and afternoon walks were a real pleasure!”

The trio then headed north, through Wyoming and Montana, and were able to see and explore both Yellowstone and Glacier national parks.

They left Texas on May 18 and arrived in Spokane in early June. On June 4, Cookie flew back home to Texas, after an amazing 17-day trip.

Although they did spend one night in a Walmart parking lot, the rest were spent in state or national parks or RV parks of varying degrees of quality.

Cookie Davenport, Joanne Babin and Rosalie Jensen
met up with vacationing RVW members
Mary Egert and Nancy Camp. The group enjoyed
dinner at Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


“We also experienced all varieties of weather,” she said, “from the heat of Texas to dense fog in New Mexico to cold and rain, then cold and snow, and finally back to warm weather once we got to Washington State.”

She said she loved traveling with Joanne and Rosalie, who made every effort to keep her comfortable. “They got a coffee pot because they know how I love my coffee in the mornings AND they got a REALLY deep twin air mattress for me to sleep on!”

Along the way, the group met up with other RVW members a few times.

What a sense of community, caretaking and concern RVW offers!