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RVW Activities


RVW offers chapter rallies, seminars and classes, national rallies, an annual convention, as well as tours and caravans. We have 17 chapters providing local activities throughout the year. (See our Chapter maps to locate contacts in your area).


Chapter Rallies

As a member of RVW, you are welcome to participate in chapter rallies wherever you go. Chapter rallies are usually held on weekends and focus on fun, sight-seeing, and building friendships. Our chapters represent members all across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Attending events wherever you travel gives you the opportunity to connect with a wonderful network RVing Women. For a listing of what's happening in your area, see our Events and Calendar page for more information.

If there is no chapter in your area, we'd love to have you consider starting one. We will help you distribute information to members in your area. It's simple to plan a campout or a meal to get organized. Please send information about the activities you are planning to our magazine editor at (dates, times, location, and contact information) so we can publicize your activities in the RVing Women magazine and on the RVing Women website.


Seminars and Classes

Fun and educational seminars and classes focusing on a variety of topics are offered several times each year in locations across the United States. These programs are designed to meet the varied needs of our members. Topics include new group games, crafts, health concerns, personal safety, driving skills, financial planning, or any other topic related to the RVing life style. Presenters may be RVW members or experts on the selected topics from the community. These seminars and classes are offered at chapter rallies, national rallies, and at the annual convention.


National Rallies

Rallies are scheduled in many states and provinces and may focus on visiting local attractions or participating in major events such as the Kentucky Derby or the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. While all rallies include food, fun, and friendship, they may also have a specific focus which meets the needs of our members for networking, sharing knowledge and resources, and having fun.

We are always looking for exciting locations and destinations for rallies that would interest our members. If you have a suggestion for a rally, please contact the RVW office at 888.557.8464 or email

National Convention

Each year RVW members are offered the opportunity to attend a national convention that includes a variety of social and recreational activities, entertainment, meals, and learning opportunities. The annual membership meeting is conducted, and chapters and individuals are given recognition during the event. The convention is the result of a coordinated effort of a large group of volunteers which make it happen each year. Click here to see the information on our next convention.


Tours and Caravans

Our exclusive tours and escorted caravans take the hassle out of planning special trips. Recent caravans have included a trip to Mexico’s Copper Canyon and a trip to the Rose Bowl Parade.

Caravans are normally made up of 10-15 RVs. All campgrounds and events are booked in advance, and a caravan leader (wagon master) takes care of the details. The focus is on meeting new friends, exploring beautiful areas of our world, and sharing a safe RV travel experience.

Many of our tours and caravans are run by RVW members who act as independent contractors. From time to time, we contract with reputable tour companies to put together a special activity just for RVing Women members. A representative of RVW may coordinate some of the social activities, but the majority of the activities provided are organized by the tour company.


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