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Membership Information
Membership Information

Yes! You’ve found an RV organization for women only!

RVing Women is for and by women RVers. We are dedicated to sharing social and recreational activities, information and support with other women RVers. The only requirement for joining is that you are a woman age 18 or over and that you are interested in RVing…you do not have to own an RV to join.

Members of RVing Women are RV enthusiasts who want to participate in the RV lifestyle, who seek camaraderie, information, support, and networking to expand their horizons, look for new adventures and try new experiences.

How RVing Women Can Help You With Your Travel Goals:

  • Are you apprehensive about traveling by yourself in an RV?
  • Would you like to team up with other women RVers for camaraderie, fun, recreation, sightseeing, campfires and sharing?
  • Do you want to learn about RV services and products that are recommended by other women?
  • Do you want to receive discounts for RV and camping services?
  • Would you like to better understand the inner workings of your RV and its features?
  • Are you concerned about safety issues?

What your Dues buy you:

  • A wonderful, entertaining and educational Magazine every other month
  • A helpful Directory of Members once a year to help you connect with other members nationwide for overnight stays, local information and assistance as you travel
  • A power-packed Website to find out about membership, chapter and national events, and the ability to communicate with other RVW Members through the Message Forum and Chat Room
  • A name recognition that brings new Members in to share in the activity, leadership, and financial support of RVW, Legal and liability protections of a non-profit organization
  • A network of gatherings of women RVers all over the United States, Mexico and Canada
  • Friendships, networking and experiences - and most importantly...
  • The eligibility to participate in and receive all of this joy.


Membership Dues:

New membership dues are $72.00 for the first year which includes a $10.00 processing fee. A membership begins with the date of registration and runs for one year. Renewals are due on the anniversary date of your current membership application.

Renewals are due on the anniversary date of your current membership application. For those who are renewing: membership dues are $62.00 for one member or $104.00 for Household Membership (two members).

Renewals not received within 60 days of the anniversary date will be considered a new membership.

Chapter Dues Note:

Some of our chapters have additional chapter dues. Once you join you will be contacted by that chapter, or you may contact them immediately to let them know you would like to join that chapter and pay their dues. You will not officially become a member of dues required chapters until the dues have been paid to that chapter.

For list of chapters that require dues, please click here. (pdf file)


You may wish to also donate to the Open Road Program. Please note: a contribution to the Open Road Program is NOT tax-deductible. Are You Ready To Join Us! Then apply for your RVing Women membership now — this is the support and social network for you!


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